Orlen oil limited for finished lubricants, Is a member of PKN orlen group.

PKN Orlen Group, one of the largest European companies, specialized in the fields of Oil Refining, Lubricant Oil, Petrochemicals and Service stations. Regarded as one of the biggest in the oil and fuel production, and distribution fields. PKN Orlen Group has expanded among 4 different continents, in more than 58 countries, and has more than 22,000 employees.

PKN Orlen Group works in all sectors of the energy field across the world; one of which is crude Oil Exploration and Distribution, Electricity Mills, Lubricant Oil Production and Fuel Marketing.

Owning more than 7 gigantic refineries spread across Europe, PKN Orlen Oil refining capacity exceeds the 36 million tons yearly, acting as one of the suppliers of refined oil products to the international markets. Moreover, PKN Orlen produces millions of tons of petrochemical products that support several other industries mainly in Europe and across the world.

PKN Orlen Group manages thousands of petrol service stations under the brand “Orlen” spread in Central Europe and the brand “Star” one of the largest service stations networks in Germany owned by Orlen Deutschland.

Specialized in the production and distribution of Oil Lubricants (Platinum Oil), Orlen company produces a wide range of the highest categories of oils with the quality that suits different types of vehicles ranging from synthetic, mineral and industrial Oils, all conforming to the specifications of the European Union and the United States, operating efficiently in all-weather from high to low temperatures. With the efforts of Research and Development, Platinum Orlen Oil product Line has successfully reached international ranks in terms of quality and efficiency.

Platinum Orlen Oil offers top quality products for all segments of the market. The company focuses on developing the line of production using different modern technologies, which makes it among the top ranked Lubricant Oil Companies. Always exceeding the market expectations, developing the production and manufacturing controls, and meeting the latest methods of quality management. Orlen Oil Group…Fueling the Future.