Oillex is considered one of the important and main representatives of Orlen oil in the Africa & Middle East region, Oillex and Orlen Oil cooperation reveals the interest of both companies on all markets in the Africa and the Middle East region with special , focus on North Africa , GCC and Levant countries.
As the agent for Orlen oil in this region of the world we are glad to fulfill your market needs from lubricants and petroleum specialties including automotive, industrial. And special products.

we plan to develop the brands that we represent whilst increasing their market share, through capitalizing on the company’s marketing strategies and innovative new technologies designed to cater for the varied markets we serve.

The shareholders resolved to invest in services and marketing programs that would establish an Egyptian edifice in the Africa and Middle East region, enabling it to be the largest Local and international companies.

We also have a strategy to invest in facilities and capacity development to establish a unique model that will raise the performance level of the marketing and distribution channels of these products in Egypt and surrounding countries.

We believe that our prior experience in the fields of marketing, distribution and retail sales will pave the way to become your partner of choice amongst local and international companies operating in the field of lubricants and refined petroleum products.